Thursday, 28 November 2013

News and specials from One Stop Pamper Shop

I really do appreciate your custom through out the year, so at
Christmas time I do try and give you some fantastic specials 
offering up to 35% off to make gift buying that little bit easier for you!

This week we have Frosted Cranberry tins, down from £4.50 to £3.50! Our Eco Wine bottle candles down to £8.50! And lots more! 

Including Christmas themed gift sets, though these are now limited 
so get in quick!!

Click HERE to see them all

* Last order date *
Is the 18th December, just to make sure you get your goodies in time. We won't be closing over Christmas, but we guarantee you will have your items by Christmas day if you order on or before the 18th

Was £10.00, now £9.00

Save 10%

Vanilla Spice - A rich, edible smelling, spicy accord of creamy vanilla in harmony with cinnamon bark.

Available across the whole Christmas candle range!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

September news!

Hi! I hope this finds you all well and hopefully enjoying the last of the summer sunshine, I hope you had a fabulous summer? I sure did, I took the Children down to Cornwall to stay with friends for some much needed family time - hence the site being closed for a little while. The Cornish countryside is absolutely stunning isn't it!!  We even discovered a "secret beach" while we were there.

Now, with my stress levels thoroughly depleted  the website is now open for orders once again.

I will be changing and reducing the amount scents I offer drastically, this list isn't finalised yet so I can't say what will be going just yet, but this will be done on the 10th September, do get in quick if there is something you really like.

There's good news too! I have managed to secure a lower price from my courier, which mean postage is now only £3.50 per parcel or free if your order is over £40, dare I say it? Perfect for Christmas present buying?

New website!!! Here it is, The launch of our new website! The old one was looking a little..... well old really. It was certainly time to freshen up a bit! Nothing has changed in the cogs and wheels side of things so you can still use your old username and password (unless like me, you forget them) Do let me know what you think?

September specials! Prices from just 90p! There is gift sets, votives, wax melts and bath goodies all at special prices this month, pop over and take a look!

University! Im starting university to study for my Photography degree at the end of September, something I should have done years ago! This won't mean any changes for the way One Stop Pamper Shop is run at all, im just excited and sharing it with you guys!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Win me!!

Pop over to our Facebook page to be in with a chance to win one of these gorgeous Burlap and Lace candles.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Oh we miss you...

Wow it has been so long since I got in touch and I am sincerely sorry for neglecting you. #GuiltyAsCharged

Now as some of you may know I am a little slow at typing (well more than normal!) as I took my passion and enthusiasm a little too far.

I was making some of my wine bottle candles for a friends party and I pushed a little too hard and put my hand through the bottle.  Hospitals and plastic surgeons have put Maryann back together again so moving on!!  

Whilst waiting in the hopsital I got to thinking (there was a LOT of time) I wondered if you were just aware of how amazing my wine bottle candles were?  So here is a little tale *clears throat*

Recycling at its best, they are unique - you won't see them in any other shops.  The bottles are recycled so they're environmentally friendly, each individually cut and sanded by me (spot where I hurt myself!) and then turned into luxury soy wax candles.  100% handmade by me! 

And after use the empty bottles could be used as a pen holder, small vase etc.

Fighting against land fill while being still a luxury creation!

As each of these bottle candles is hand cut, the height of them will vary slightly. 
There are approximately 13cm and burn for approximately 80 hours. 

Here is a non bloody version ...

My Favorite Candle 

Want to tell me yours? We can add it here

Show casing my favourite candle this month - I'm a fussy girl so its always changing!!  Let me know what your favourite is and I will show case it here for others to see along with the reason why!

Mothers Day Gift Idea's

Just in case you are a little stuck ... or want to leave "subtle" hints about the place!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New for 2013... well it was, then I waffled!

It still feels a little weird typing 2013, I  mean why are we not all flying about in spaceships like the Jetsons now instead of driving cars? That would be so much fun!! Or possibly its weird because last year went so fast and I feel a little like life is running away with me and I've not achieved very much. I had hoped to take One Stop Pamper Shop to the next level last year, but I got a little sidetracked with the Handmade shop and it never happened.

I've so many plans for this year, but first of all, One Stop Pamper Shop needs to get back on track! Now there's someone helping me in the shop there's no reason that can't happen though. So I've booked in a fair, but its location is a secret.... all very cloak and daggers!! Its the first one in two years - I got rather disillusioned with fairs, but this one is different. But more about that when the location is revealed.

Secondly, I really want to take my photography somewhere, I mean actually do something with it. Possibly.... and you never know - the two combined might even earn me a nice living at some stage! There's so many ideas running around in my head right now its almost fit to burst, I suppose that's not anything new, but these are good ideas, not worries for once. All very exciting!

AND!! I made some new products this week, in soy wax, which I haven't always found to be easy to work with. I even got them listed so you lovely people can buy them, Want to have a look? I'll leave you with the pictures, just click the to go through to the shop.

Maryann x

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Its competition time!

Lets brighten up January, because lets face it, on the whole its a rather horrible month! Bills to pay, the weather is a bit of a damp squid right now and its flipping cold! Which I don't mind if there's snow on the ground.

Nothing can be wrong in the world if there's fresh snow to crunch underfoot and make everything look beautiful!

But its not, its slushy and yuk.

So, lets think of nicer things.... like nice hot baths and beautifully scented candles!

Oh you're broke too?

Damn! Well  as this is my 100th post!!! I know, I managed to find so much to waffle on about.... How about a competition, that would solve that wouldn't it?

Pop over to One Stop Pamper Shop and tell me what your favourite item is, leave me a link to it and I will select one lucky person to receive a £20 voucher to spend on the website, the winner will be selected at random on Thursday the 24th January

That gets you one entry, to gain extra entries you can....

Share the following phrase on twitter "I love @onestoppamper because............."
or share this post on Facebook so your friends can have a chance at winning too.

Oh and let me know in your comment which ones you did so I can give you your extra entries

Good luck!! 
Maryann x