Thursday, 26 February 2015

We're back!

It's nice to be back!  

I know, we disappeared for a while, time was needed to create a brand new idyllic location to create all your candles in! I hope this email finds you all well? Spring is definitely in the air here! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and there's a definite sense of spring in the air, albeit a rather chilly spring air! A perfect,time to try one of our new fragrances! To tempt you why not take a look at the weekly specials? Just perfect for trying a country clothesline tin candle or a dandelion and pear crackler!

And don't forget mothers day is coming up on the 15th March, there's lots of the site that would make a great gift, but if you wanted to make up a gift package thats extra special, do get in touch! 

Perfect for pampering! 

Beautiful, premium scented candles designed to enhance your living space while not costing the earth. Recycling at its best, going back to the days when we respected the value of products and used them to the fullest. Each candle is handmade with skill and care and therefore unique.

Weekly specials

Wood wick Cracklers! (among other things) 

These are candles with added extras! With these you not only get the gorgeous aroma of the scent you choose. You also get a delicate crackle and a hint of smoke - just like a mini fireplace!