Friday, 9 March 2012

A day of change and relaxation

Well today I skived off work, taking advantage of one of the last opportunities i'm going to get to do that! I went to meet with the new landlord to chat about a few things and get a moving in date!! Thats it, its definitely happening, no backing out now! And I wanted to get some photo's so I have something to refer to when planning the decoration and shelving placement. Exiting times! Do you want to see? Well of course you do, and im going to show you even if you don't because I am pretty excited about it! Although the photos aren't very good, they were taken on my little point and shoot and make the place look smaller than it is. And the decor is really rather dodgy right now. But all that can be fixed! 

Other side upstairs

Downstairs, even more of those "lovely" colours

My creating area will be at the back there

Towards the front door, there is a back door to leading to a tiny little court yard, im thinking some flowers and a little table out there for coffee time! And to top it all I had the local paper ringing me this afternoon to do my interview about the place! The photographer will be out on monday :D

After all this mornings excitement the small person and I decided we would get all messy with some painting, its not often I get to sit and just mess about like that so that was rather lovely!

Back to work tomorrow! 

Monday, 5 March 2012

Shelf renting info

I have finally found and got the shop that would be just perfect for us!

The shop is along Sir Isaacs Walk in Colchester, with good pedestrian foot fall, directly opposite Karen Millen and close to Culver Square Shopping Centre which includes shops occupied by retailers such as Debenhams and TK Max . Isnt it just the prettiest little place?

Now the plan is to make my candles on site, giving a reason to step in even if its just to watch, rent shelf space to other high end designer makers, and have the occasional guest workshop. 

For those of you that are interested in renting some space, the details are as follows -

The prices will also include storage space, you can send extra stock so as you sell I can stock up your  space. And you will have the option of sending more if you completely sell out half way through the month.

You can choose whether I send you your profits weekly or monthly

I will send a daily email to all those that have sold.

Business cards can also be displayed appropriately on your shelves. 

Stock will of course remain yours until sold.

Now for the prices - 

Cabinets/shelving will be provided by me, you just need to send the items

The spaces will be 1x1 foot at £7 per week
5 foot along the top of a cabinet £7 per week
and 2x1 foot shelves visible from the window at £10 per week.

The minimum rental time is 4 weeks, payable in advance, all I ask is that you give me 2 weeks notice if you would prefer not to rent the space the next month. 

If you are interested please leave me a message here or send me a email  to

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Operation handmade high street

Is still GO! The last shop I looked at fell through spectacularly! But this doesn't put me off, since then I have looked at lots more and I think, and hope, I have finally found the one! Yippeee! It should be all finalised sometime around... Monday. And there's lots of ideas all swimming round my head, competing for what little space there is in there (well I thought I would say it before anyone else does)

Its a lovely little shop with wonky walls and old fashioned charm, and im completely in love with it, im sure you will be too when you see it.

Im still on the look out for crafters who would like to rent some shelf space in my wonky shop so if you are interested, or know anyone that would be please shout - you know where to find me, I get EVERYWHERE lol

There is a little favour I'd like to ask..... to help fund this shop I have applied for some outside funding which requires people to vote for my idea, I need just 500 votes (I have 130 already)  it takes just one minute to sigh up to the site, then pop back and click the vote for me button, pretty please? Well heres the link if you decide to help

I should be back monday with more news!