Thursday, 1 March 2012

Operation handmade high street

Is still GO! The last shop I looked at fell through spectacularly! But this doesn't put me off, since then I have looked at lots more and I think, and hope, I have finally found the one! Yippeee! It should be all finalised sometime around... Monday. And there's lots of ideas all swimming round my head, competing for what little space there is in there (well I thought I would say it before anyone else does)

Its a lovely little shop with wonky walls and old fashioned charm, and im completely in love with it, im sure you will be too when you see it.

Im still on the look out for crafters who would like to rent some shelf space in my wonky shop so if you are interested, or know anyone that would be please shout - you know where to find me, I get EVERYWHERE lol

There is a little favour I'd like to ask..... to help fund this shop I have applied for some outside funding which requires people to vote for my idea, I need just 500 votes (I have 130 already)  it takes just one minute to sigh up to the site, then pop back and click the vote for me button, pretty please? Well heres the link if you decide to help

I should be back monday with more news!


  1. ooooh where is it? Your where looking Colchester before or did I just dream that? Exciting.

  2. Still Colchester, I need somewhere close to home :)

  3. How is the rent a space thing going to work?

  4. Well, im thinking it will be roughly £10-£15 per week, so much cheaper than a craft fair, no travelling and your on the high st. You either bring or send me the goods, I will display and hopefully sell them all! Anything left you either carry on for longer, collect or I'll box up and you can have sent back. And then monies will be placed in your account.

  5. Good blog. You might enjoy this little poem about mothers.

  6. Love to vote for you at Enterprise Nation, but couldn't get the link to work?