Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Oh we miss you...

Wow it has been so long since I got in touch and I am sincerely sorry for neglecting you. #GuiltyAsCharged

Now as some of you may know I am a little slow at typing (well more than normal!) as I took my passion and enthusiasm a little too far.

I was making some of my wine bottle candles for a friends party and I pushed a little too hard and put my hand through the bottle.  Hospitals and plastic surgeons have put Maryann back together again so moving on!!  

Whilst waiting in the hopsital I got to thinking (there was a LOT of time) I wondered if you were just aware of how amazing my wine bottle candles were?  So here is a little tale *clears throat*

Recycling at its best, they are unique - you won't see them in any other shops.  The bottles are recycled so they're environmentally friendly, each individually cut and sanded by me (spot where I hurt myself!) and then turned into luxury soy wax candles.  100% handmade by me! 

And after use the empty bottles could be used as a pen holder, small vase etc.

Fighting against land fill while being still a luxury creation!

As each of these bottle candles is hand cut, the height of them will vary slightly. 
There are approximately 13cm and burn for approximately 80 hours. 

Here is a non bloody version ...

My Favorite Candle 

Want to tell me yours? We can add it here

Show casing my favourite candle this month - I'm a fussy girl so its always changing!!  Let me know what your favourite is and I will show case it here for others to see along with the reason why!

Mothers Day Gift Idea's

Just in case you are a little stuck ... or want to leave "subtle" hints about the place!