Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Well that didn't go so well....

I have eaten sensibly, Not starved myself and ended up loosing just 1 lb. Oops.

Where on earth might I be going wrong? I hoped that the first week at would be the week I lost the most.

On a more positive note - I've started exercising! I forgot how much that makes you ache and im paying for it today - But in a good way! This at least, I know is working.

I might even have the urge to go for a run this evening. I don't mind running at all, It just makes me feel incredibly self concious.

Oh well, I have just consoled myself with some bread pudding! Yes I know that's not the idea but I have to have some treats right? And it was actually quite disgusting so I wont be doing that again.

Start weight 11 lb 12oz
Todays weight 11 lb 11oz

Will try harder from now on, Hopefully next week I'll have something more positive to report.


  1. You've not done too badly, don't knock yourself! Just combine the healthy eating and exercise and you'll soon lose more I'm sure! I lost 5 pounds in a week once, simply from eating sensibly and going to the gym. Sad to say I've stayed at the same weight since then, but I've not been trying as hard!
    This post has given me the push to try a bit harder!

  2. Thanks frankie x

    Gonna try and do lots more exercise this week

  3. Hey, well done for losing 1lb. Don't beat yourself up about it, if you look at this way at least you lost something and you didn't gain anything.

    Don't think about loosing weight too much but stay motivated and keep eating healthily and excerising and before you know it you will start loosing the weight sensibly.

    I found that once I stopped thinking about loosing weight too much and just ate healthily the weight just came off easily.

    P.S Don't worry you'll get there, I know you can do it!

  4. My good friend joined Slimming world a couple of weeks back, last week she had lost 4lb, this week stayed the same so she is really upset as has been exercising all week. We have all been telling her how good that is, as she hasnt put any on.
    You do better than me, I couldnt run for toffee, but I do walk 2 hours every day with the dogs and that works fine for me keeping weight off, and I eat and drink what I want and all the wrong things.
    sure you will do great.


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