Saturday, 27 March 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Its been all go this week! I've had a few orders come in and I enjoyed pottering around doing those - Oh why does it have to rain EVERY time I go to the post office though? Not that I really mind of course, Im loving working again and so lucky to be able to do something I love so much! I have so many ideas running wild in my head right now - Theres going to be lots of new things on sale soon! And I've been getting some wonderful feedback on my folksy shop That always makes my day.

And of course working from home means I can spend so much time with my littlest daughter, Shes nearly 8 months old and already shares her mums love of fresh bread!

Mmmm yummy dairylea and bread!

Ive been bakeing aswell,We made a lovely pineapple upside down cake. But as usual there are no pics because even though im on a diet I have helped devour the lot already - I promise next time I shall try my best to get some pictures before the herd descends upon it!

And My sister has been down for a couple of days - She moved to northampton in January and we dont spend nearly as much time together as we used to, So in my true style we went shopping and I bought some more lovely new shoes! In my defence though they were reduced to only £10!!!!

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