Thursday, 1 April 2010

I have been gardening!!!

This is not usually a activity I partake in often - We sometimes grow a few tomatoes in the garden but that's about it and I would normally but the plants already half grown. This year I decided to see it through from start to finish - or until I manage to kill everything off which is more likely!

So last week with my shopping list, wrote by the children of course. I went off to the shops to buy us some seeds and mud. (I resisted the pretty vintage looking watering can, That can come later!)

A week later and this is our efforts so far -

Ok so its not going to make us self sufficient just yet but its a start, Right? lol

So does anyone know what I do with the courgettes next? Im sure they aren't supposed to look like that!


  1. I'm not sure what you do next, but yours are looking better than my efforts so far. I have one tiny shoot coming through on my chilli plant, and nothing on the carrots and onions.

  2. You need to pot them on, they could have done with a bigger pot right from the start, looks like they've been competing too much so they're long and thin instead of sturdy - wait until this harsh cold weather has gone before you plant them outside (they'll do ok in a grow bag if you haven't got a veg patch but beware they get very very big!)

  3. Where have you got your pots? The seedlings look a little long and leggy as if they're stretching towards the light. If they're on a windowsill, try turning the pot a quarter turn each day so that the stems grow evenly.

  4. I've just repotted them into bigger pots and now they are in the kitchen windowsill, Hopefully I'll be able to save them

  5. They are bigger than mine, ive got hem growing in the greenhouse an nothing so far, although it has snowed up here in bonny Scotland this week!!