Monday, 12 April 2010

A Re-think and a giant rabbit

I've had a little bit of a re-think on my postage prices and my special offers - Well with a little bit of a nudge!

I have put free postage on all my jewellery and also -

It was pointed out to me that people might like to try just one before buying a few, The postage for a single candle made it hard to buy just one candle and if people had never tried them then they might not think they are worth it…..

So to try and encourage you to try I have introduced a weekly-ish “Try Me”

I will choose a scent and price it at £1.75 – Including postage.

Starting with French Vanilla

And as for the giant rabbit - Well we decided it would be a good idea to jump on the train and take all the children into London and have a walk round the shops and see a few sights, We went into Selfridges and who should we bump into?A giant version of little L's favourite character of all time - Meet little L and Peter rabbit

It was actually a really nice day and much less stressful than I was expecting. I didn't expect taking 5 children on the tube to be one of my better ideas, but apparently it was!

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  1. peter rabbit - one of my favourites - and little L is very cute too!