Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hanging lavender bird kit.

We was sent this  kit by Claire Mackaness from Beautiful things,

I thought it was quite fun making the bird even though I got stuck and needed help on some bits! My Mum helped me when I got stuck. I hand sewed it and it was very tricky trying to get the stitches as small as possible but my Mum helped and I got there in the end. The lavender went all over the work-top when I was trying to get it into the small hole. I found it hard closing the hole up and pinning the ribbon in the right place. But it was all good fun! And now mums shop smells of lavender, I think I would have preferred a different smell. All the steps were very easy to follow, I would like to do more of these kits because I thought it was great fun.

Blog by Amy aged 10, Photos by Mum.

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  1. Well done - very impressed with the finished article! x