Sunday, 1 January 2012

New year, new opportunities

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a immensely fun new years eve? With new year comes new hope and new opportunities. This year I'm hoping I will have the opportunity to open a gorgeous little high street shop! I've made a offer and its been accepted. All I've to do now is get the deposit together - yes I know that should have come first, but hey, I'm not known for being organized lol. 
And decide exactly what I would like to put in this shop, I am rather keen on the phrase "bringing handmade to the high street" and that exactly what I would like to do, a unique collection of products you just can't buy anywhere else. As well as being a working craft shop with workshops and guest classes.
But I can't make everything myself can I? And I know alot of you are crafters. So... how about....
Renting shelves!   I'm not entirely sure of the hows whats and whys?
What would you expect to pay for it?
Would you expect to pay commission on sold items as well?
Would you prefer sale or return?
Would you be interested in the first place?
Would it be ethical of me to be selective?
Im sure theres alot more im going to ask, but I’d really appreciate it if you would help me bash out some ideas here?


  1. Good luck with your new venture! Very jealous me! BTW, of course you have to be selective, you need to be, it's your shop, your living. I'm not sure the best way to go about it all, maybe find out what other shops do, sure people will be eager to get involved.

  2. What a fabulously scary idea! I'm sure a lot of us crafters have dreamt of doing this but the question is how do you actually make enough money to pay for the premises and earn a living?

    Sale or return is always risky as you have no money coming in if it doesn't sell so renting shelves could work. I really don't know! All i would say is definitely be selective!

  3. Well, really I suppose I'm just moving premises, I already have a shop but its in a craft village and footfall is at most... limited. So from that point of view I'm already making enough to pay the rent. Going to the high st may mean I get to make a living too? If I don't give it a go then I'll never know.

  4. Maybe it needs to be a mix of renting the space and sale or return - after all, sellers will need their stock back after their rent on the shelf expires, and you'll need to keep your shop stock looking fresh.

    I also think that, in your shop, you can be as selective as you like - it isn't a community space and needs to make you some money. Put your business hat on, even though you love crafts and many of the crafters. :o)

  5. Sounds likea great idea! We'll be sorry to see you go though. A mix of renting and sale or return could be good to start with; you could then find out what works better for you. I charge rent as well as a lower commission than would normally expected. I can let you have a copy of my rates if it would help? Xx

  6. Fantastic idea, really jealous of you getting the opportunity (one day I will too). Renting squares sounds good to me, would def have to be selective, your name, your reputation! As for what you would charge I do not ave the faintest, sorry, but will be keeping an eye on goings on, if thats ok with you?

  7. This is practice works well. I have for many years sold my items through a shop very similar to the type you are talking about. I rent shelf space and pay 2% on any purchase paid via credit card and nothing if paid by cash. I have the option of sending new stock every 6 weeks, The shop returns my stock via courier and I pay to send new stuff via courier that way it is 50/50 on postage. The contract was initially for 3 months and now I have to give a month's notice if I wish to leave. As for pricing £30 a month for 2 feet wide x floor to ceiling but you would need to make an assessment of your own space for pricing. Hope this helps.

  8. Yes of course, be selective otherwise you could end up with a jumble sale effect!!

    rent space, either by shelf or cabinet (although personally feel cabinets aren't all that) per week better rate than month rather than commission that way crafters know how much it costs and you can guarentee how much you are getting each week.

    Ideally look to rent out enough space to cover your rent, than what you sell of yours is profit plus of course income from workshops etc

    I know of another shop that does this that also has a table for 'pop up' style people so can rent for one saturday often its food that this appeals to cupcakes, chocolate, etc

    well done and heres hoping for great things.

  9. Well done, a lot of good advice here. Good Luck.

  10. It's absolutely blooming fantastic. Whatever route you decide to go down I'm sure it will work out fabulously. Wishing you all the luck, love and success in the world with this...I know you deserve it. Emma xxxxx

  11. I'd suggest speaking to Rosewill cottage as they have been doing the renting business for a while and seem to be finding it very successful. I'm sure they can give you some advice!
    Personally I'd rent a space and make it commission free - why pay twice for the same thing!?! If their items require special wrapping you can ask for a small sum to cover it or them to supply it. Obviously if it costs you to sell an item like card machine charges etc. that should be factored in.

  12. How strange - I was just thinking through exactly the same idea! Happy to discuss DM me: @kpeanut76

  13. I am in 4 shops/ galleries who all do it differently. 1 is pay rent and no commission, another is 30% commission no rent and the other 2 are 25- 50% commission depending on the technique used. Have you popped down to GFTP to spk to Caroline about what's worked for her?
    Oh and I'd be happy to rent, commission etc in ur shop...could make exclusive soap dishes in glass to compliment your pieces

  14. How exciting for you! :D

    Personally, I would only expect to pay for the shell space OR commission.

    I think a mix of SOR and rented shelves would be good, because like someone mentioned you need to keep the shop stocked!

    And of course be selective, 'tis your shop and your name/reputation after all! :]

    I think what you expect to pay to rent a shelf would really depend on the shop location :]

    P.S. If you're having auditions, do let me know as I'm just making a whole new bangle range with flowers and metal leaf and stuffs :]

    Good luck! :] x

  15. I work at a gallery in my hometown who rents out spaces to vendors and price is based on square footage. You pay a monthly rent, and sign a year lease. There is an inventory book where each vendor has a section to put their current inventory, the vendors price their items individually and each space is the vendor's responsibility to keep up! The gallery takes 17% of the sales and mails a check at the end of the month. It's a thought!

    Personally I made homemade bath products made strictly with natural materials and minerals! if you are having auditions!