Thursday, 11 February 2010

Im sitting here trying to write this whilst singing what seems like a million verses of the wheels on the bus, thats the only thing that is keeping baby happy today. So please forgive me any mistakes!

Not much blogging been going on the last few days - it has been absolutely hectic, Tuesday it was my sons 5th birthday and he wanted to take his friends bowling so off we went to the bowling alley with 7 kids in tow - which actually turned into quite a nice evening, I wasnt expecting that, maybe chaos but they were all rather well behaved.

and yesterday I had the dreaded parents evening, Just for one of the children. And got caught in what amounts as a snow storm in this country. It went on for all of 15 minutes! Tho the children were most impressed as it was going up thier noses. Why on earth they were impressed I dont know, do they not realise the damn stuff is cold??

My new goodies arrived, finally, some turning up by courier at 7pm - Couriers actually work that late? I was sooo excited when they turned up, like a kid at willy wonkas! It all smelled so gorgeous.

Well my goodies and my excitement have now turned into this candle,

I have listed it here if anyone would like a nosey.

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