Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Not so mouse.....

Well the mouse we was making at half term turned out to be more of a mess than a mouse!

We tried to use my daughters gr8 gear sewing machine, which turned out not to sew at all and intead was comepletely useless, Or maybe we were the useless ones and were doing it wrong.

Anyhow, here are our efforts -

So I have been thinking about buying a sewing machine, Not a all singing and dancing one, Tust a full sized but reasonably priced one. Any reccomenations?


  1. Aw what a shame your mouse didn't come to life...

    I've got a singer sewing machine, my mum and my grandparents both have one to...I've no idea about prices but i bought the best one i could afford at the time, my grandparents is still going strong, must be 60 years old at least.

    Marice x

  2. I got a Janome J3-20 one from Franklins for around £100 which seems good. My last one I bought from Lidl for £50 and it was fine and lasted about 18months not that long I know but it did have to sew through loads of glitter and stuff!
    I recently bought one for my job, for workshops and got it for about £50 from Hobbycraft it was reduced as missing foot and also used some vouchers from Hobbycraft magazine. Again seems good machine a brother one I think.