Monday, 21 March 2011

From the Wilde, A interview & Chance to win a Poppy Treffry tea towel.

Competition now closed.

The lovely Helen has agreed to be my first guinea pig.... ahem... I mean interviewee! I hope you all enjoy finding out a little bit about her and her wonderful emporium.

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do.
My name is Helen Wilde, I live with my husband, a Beagle called Bunty and a house Rabbit called Pan in a little Derbyshire village, I launched the online emporium in July 2010.

What made you start? Until 'From the Wilde' was born last July I was working for Europes largest art publishing house as a fine art dealer and running one of their galleries. After a rather nasty health scare at the start of last year I decided that I needed to move out of the city and go back to the countryside that I've always loved. I hung up the suit, bought some wellies, got married, bought a dog and created 'From the Wilde' - I've always been passionate about contemporary design and British craft, I have a Ceramics degree and had always wanted my own gallery.

Do you consider yourself/the business a sucess? Why is that? Having not been in business for a full year yet I consider everyday a success! whether it be a new follower on facebook, a magazine feature or a new client.

What do you want your business to grow into? a beautiful online emporium of handmade quality products, I don't want to create a mass market of hundreds of artists or be a jack of all trades!

Is this what you thought you would be doing when you left school, What were your dreams? I always knew it would be something craft/design led - I gave up a place at Oxford University to do a pottery course!

Do you prefer handmade or high street? What are you favourite shops? Always handmade, I actually prefer antique/vintage products to new - our house is over 200 years old and i can never resist a good antiques market! (or skip to that matter) I believe in spending money on quality products and looking after them!

Whats your "secret vice"?  I most certainly have a penchant for 'Mulberry' handbags (If my husband asks - they were in the sale... honest - ;) and don't laugh.. seeds! I love growing my own veg, fruit and flowers - I have drawers full of seeds!

One thing you wouldn't tell your parents? a very long time ago I was lucky enough to live in St Ives and whilst there i was arrested for skinny dipping... O the shame!

Helen is offering our readers the chance to win a Poppy Treffry tea towel  Simply comment on this post and tell us what you love best about From the Wilde. A winner will be selected at random on 25/3/2011

And for those of you that either don't win or can't wait till then, Helen is giving our readers 15% off with the code 2222


  1. my favourite is Muffin Wrap :)


  2. Really interesting interview, I love that collection of cushions, very nice!

  3. From the Wilde has tons of gorgeous stuff...but I do love the plates...especially the "Bear Smells Cake" side OH's name is "Bear" and that would make a very appropriate gift lol


  4. What a fab choice of items - one of my favourites are Hannah Turners Bird Egg Cups - they're brilliant! Great interview & a really good view of 'success'. x

  5. Great things on that website, but I think I like the owl tea cosy best:

  6. I love all the button badges, they're gorgeous!

  7. I love the egg cups, they're fab and so different!!! @casperthegh0st

  8. Great interview :o) I always like seeing the person behing the shop. Really difficult to choose but I really like the egg cups (they are on my wanted list now!)

    Dottie x

  9. @needaphone this has really inspited me for my Deryb school fair in June x

  10. i love the egg cups, especially the owl ones! @ashlallan

  11. A very inspired interview, thank you! Love Orange Sitting Hare and "Light as a feather" oil (it is stunning).
    The tea towel reminds me of our holidays in Cornwall, my favourite place.

  12. Love the Serving plates, especially 'Sleeping Cat' and 'Peacock'

  13. Forgot to say following @DawnieEa

  14. So much choice but the egg cups are just fab!

  15. Sorry - Twitter name for above comment is @sugarplum70

  16. I like all the different cushions best they look great!

  17. The "Beatty" Apron is so pretty

  18. I love the lovers lights, they are so unique!
    From the wilde is a great new site I have found!

  19. There are so many gorgeous things but I really love cushions and one of my favourites is the Mr & Mrs Wool cushions.
    Facebook - Kirsty Fox
    Twitter - @bloomingfox

  20. i love Bee Mine Earrings

    karen scammell
    twannywun at hotmail dot com