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The Lovely Loulou from loulou's Luxuries is here to say hello!

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do.

I'm Lou Lou (Kerry to those in the know) and by day I work in a fabulous boutique making people look and feel gorgeous and by night (and weekend and every waking spare moment!) I make beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery with a vintage touch.  I live in South West London with my wonderful boyfriend who is letting me gradually turn the flat purple and pink with flowers!

What made you start?

I've always loved making things, my mum has countless cross stitches, pillow covers, plaster casts and bracelets that I've made since I could tie a knot but I never thought I'd do anything remotely crafty in the future.  It wasn't until last year when I had some time off from the day job and started playing around with beads and vintage bits and bobs.  Low and behold...a couple of months later Lou Lou's Luxuries was born!  And she's here to stay (I hope!).

Do you consider yourself/the business a sucess? Why is that?

I do consider myself a success! (someone has to! haha)  I've not been doing this a long time but I'm extremely pleased with how popular Lou Lou's Luxuries has become and hope to see it continue to grow!  Come and see me in another year and let's see what I have to say then!!

What do you want your business to grow into?

I would love (love love love) to see Lou Lou's Luxuries in a 'real' shop!  Maybe a quaint little shop near a park with beautifully decorated windows and a little section behind the till where I could make custom orders.  It's all a pipe dream at the moment but still something I'd love for the future.  There is also a cunning little plan in the making for some truly luxurious out for what might be called...The Opulence Range!

Is this what you thought you would be doing when you left school, What were your dreams?

Definitely not!  That wasn't the answer you were expecting was it?  But no way, not in a million years!  I was meant to go to uni, study for a degree in forensics and anthropology and then go from there.  But I am so glad that I'm where I am now instead of still slogging away for that degree.  I am loving my creative side for the first time since I was a toddler and couldn't be happier :)

Do you prefer handmade or high street? What are you favourite shops?

I definitely prefer handmade and make the effort to shop handmade whenever I can.  There is something so special about knowing that something has been made lovingly especially for you.  Favourite handmade shops include the fabulous Cards and Candles for All Occasions - Laura is amazing and card craft adn I go to her for almost all my card needs.  The amazingly gorgeous smellies from One Stop Pamper Shop - such delicious smells cannot be bought on the High Street!  And the absolutely beautiful Girly Bunches and Cupcake JoJo who have helped me to decorate my home!

Links: Cardsandcandlesforalloccassions:
Onestop I think you know 
Whats you idea of a perfect sunday?

A perfect Sunday doesn't start until about 11:30am.  That's about the time to move from bed onto the sofa and await a delicious bacon sandwich from the other half, followed by a gallon of coffee and and film snuggled up in front of the telly.  Squeeze in a bit of crafting and then a Sunday roast and that's the day sorted!  Oooh and if there could be some sunshine and the scent of fresh cut grass coming in through the window then that's a bonus.

Loulou's luxuries is currently offering 10% off to our readers when the quote onestoppamper in the paypal checkout - This will be refunded. 

Thanks very much Kerry! 

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