Sunday, 25 July 2010

First steps - WARNING! cuteness inside.

First steps already? Wow K has grown up so fast!  It seems like barely yesterday we were encouraging her to crawl. And yet yesterday she decided it was time for walking, She had a little go at tweeting too (pulled a few keys off my laptop as well but I can't complain)  Who would have guessed a child of mine would be so forward. If she grows up much quicker she will be running my business for me by the end of the week.  And all with still nearly a month to go until her first birthday.

Doesn't she look pleased with herself?

So now I have to childproof the house - and properly because this child is into everything!


  1. Well done K!! So cute and so fast! You must be a very proud crafty mummy!

  2. aww well done to K, she's does look very pleased with herself.

  3. aw that is just toooooooo cute! well done little one....xx

  4. Awwwwww! That is sooooo very cute :o) lock up ya valuables!! Bless her x