Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Fruits (and vegetables) of my labour

Well after a rather shaky start we nearly have something worth eating growing in the garden. We so far have 

Somewhere around a million tomatoes - I grew these in hanging bags so the dog and little fingers couldn't get them.

1 French bean

2 Courgettes

and a few Peppers

Most that should be ready-ish within the a week. Self sufficient yet? Maybe not lol

So has anyone got any recipes for this lot? But most of all, What on earth do I do with 1 French bean???


  1. Great growing! 1 French bean? Mmmm... don't think there are many recipes that require just the one!

  2. Looks good, my courgettes seem to be about the same stage as yours but all the rest of them are way behind!! Not really convinced they are going to get any better but we shall see.

  3. very nice...I don't do veg as I am rubbish at keeping up with the watering so just stick to fruit!!!

    bet all that lot tastes fab when it is ready, I'm always amazed at the difference in taste between homegrown and shop bought courgettes - they are like a different veg!