Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wedding Wednesday

So it's the summer holidays and I'm being driven so mad by the I'm bored/Mum what can we do/So and so just hit me stuff, that I'm loosing my blogging creativity.

So I figured seeing as its #weddingwednesday over on twitter I would highlight some of the wedding candles we do and what we can do with them.

We started off with the regular table candles which are available in any colour and any scent you like.

And we have the jar candles, Now it stuck me that brides wanted some kind of present and memento to give to their bridesmaids, So why not combine the two. We can personalise the labels on any of our jar candles with your own message.

And I'm working on some brand new idea's for favours today so watch this space!


  1. Ooh, nice idea! I went to a wedding once where the table favours were little tealight sized candles in tiny bags - very pretty and much better than chocolates that just get left on the table at the end of the night! sarah x

  2. Thank you! That is what im making up tomorrow and I was unsure!