Saturday, 31 July 2010

No more take-aways!

I have just sat down to eat my 4th takeaway - Not this month but this WEEK! How bad is that?

I have managed Pizza twice, 1 Indian and 1 Chinese.

I think I need some specialist help! Not of the kind you are thinking, I need help doing the weekly shop.

There are reasons behind this take-away madness. Can you imagine taking 5 fighting, screaming and running off kids into the supermarkets? Even the thought of that brings me out in a cold sweat!

But this is having a effect on my overall health, Most noticeably my skin, I look like I have the pox. So it does have to stop, So I am banning myself from take-away for a entire month, Ok so I will be trying to fall off the wagon by this time next week - Please kick my backside if I even so much as mention anything that isnt healthy.

Any tips on surviving the supermarket are most appreciated. And I need to start cooking proper, Healthy family meals again, So send in your suggestions and I will blog how we get on!

You never know I might even loose some weight this month too - Miracles might happen!


  1. Ooh I do love a takeaway!

    My way of surviving the supermarket is to get my shopping delivered. Even with the delivery charge I end up spending less, because I'm not wandering past shelves of temptation!!

  2. oh dear! We've needed to do the monthly shop since friday but weve been putting it off. Friday night we went out for dinner and yesterday we went to mc donalds for lunch... not good!
    We are doing the food shop this morning, hopefully when its nice and quiet. Late evenings are good to food shop too, I hate shopping when its full of people getting in my way! :)

  3. I hate shopping too - I shop on-line now too; it's great - If you do it far enough in advance the delivery charge is often really low and I always reckon I save more by not impulse buying :) sarah x

  4. Shopping on-line is the easiest, but I'm not organised enough ;-)

    I either shop locally - we have a little supermarket for essentials and then butcher, greengrocer etc.

    Or go *really* late to the big supermarkets, and snaffle all their reduced items at pennies each. That's my utter favourite :D

    Sam x

    Sam x (

  5. Ocado - my heros!
    If I don't have enough time I just re-order what we had on a certain date. It's a great surprise then lol!

    Dottie x