Wednesday, 21 July 2010

War has broken out!

The school holidays began at 3pm yesterday and by 3.10 we had mayhem, No the cat is not flushable, Please don't argue over the huge pile of last years school work - It's all going to be "filed" shortly anyway. Oh for god sake no you can't sleep in the garden. And best of all WILL YOU JUST STOP ARGUING!!!! that kind of thing. Sound familiar? Yes? I thought so!

What a daft idea it was to work from home! At least if I had a "real job" then I could escape to the office between the hours of say - 5am till 10pm! Sounds good doesn't it? I could have a couple of weeks off and we could have a lovely  holiday somewhere hot where they have childcare. And I wouldn't go bald within the first few hours of the summer holidays!

But alas, I thought this route was better for my children, And I suppose it is, In the long run my hair will grow back and I will hopefully have 5 well balanced and fulfilled children.

But how do I cope until then? Please, Any words of wisdom will be ever so gratefully received.


  1. Hey that sounds just like my house... and mine are supposedly grown up, well most of them anyway.

  2. hahahaha, our cat drinks out of the loo :D

    tell them youre going to play hide & seek in the great big field about 7 miles away and youre the seeker.....

  3. School breaks up today, so I shall be feeling your pain from 3.30 pm today!! :o[