Monday, 26 July 2010

Not always a next time.....

Take your moments when you can.

Don't regret - Learn from it.

Don't be sorry - It's done.

If you can change it - Do it NOW.

Be happy and smile about the good times.

Don't say I'll do it tomorrow.

There's not always a next time.

So many chances pass us by and yet we don't stop long enough to see them, We are so often living far too busy lives to stop and smell the roses.

So why not stop chasing rainbows and take a look at the pot of gold right in front of us.

I'm in a slightly sombre mood today, I hope you don't mind me sharing today's thoughts with you too much, I'm going to go share some smiles with the children at the park now. No time like the present right?


  1. Very profound! Love your daughter walking on your last post x

  2. What a lovely thought, thanks for sharing :)